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Lincoln Park Import Service

Located at 2220 N. Clybourn Ave. Chicago, IL 60614

Phone Number 773-975-8991

Web address:

Owner: Florin

I went to interview Florin back in March. Ryan (my technician) and myself were looking for a new home for Ryan after I closed down and I was looking for a place I could refer you (my friends). A vendor friend of mine spoke very highly about Lincoln Park Import Service. He had mentioned that Florin had purchased the business from the previous owners and that Florin was a technician for many years.

Florin is a nice guy. He really seemed to care about his place. He was making changes and improvements and talked about his customers and how he cared about them. I believe Florin really does care and he is trustworthy.

I have refered a number of you guys to Florin and have not herd back. If you have had an experience with him send me an email. I will keep watch on how he does and give you that info as I receive it.